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Sneak peek from @oliverjeffers talk @southbankcentre last night. Brilliant, want to go buy all his books now!

Sneak peek from @oliverjeffers talk @southbankcentre last night. Brilliant, want to go buy all his books now!

Acrometis Sketchnote

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Tim and Lee from Acrometis about doing a sketchnote for them to accompany a talk given by their President and CEO, Jerry Poole at an industry conference. The sketchnote contained the key messages of the talk, all in a one page handout which could be given to the audience. 

I am so pleased with how the sketchnote turned out, which was the result of a few tweaks to my normal process which I’ll go into on a future blog post. Although I’m not familiar with insurance claims handling, it was amazing how much I absorbed when I did the sketchnote. 

Acrometis - Colour

Thank you to Tim and Lee for being such a pleasure to work with, I really hope you were pleased with the outcome. Interested in having me sketchnote something similar for your presentation? Please say hello on Twitter

Spitalfields Life - The Gentle Author @ NPG

I had hoped to catch The Gentle Author's talk at the Southbank Centre London Lit Festival earlier this year but unfortunately I missed it. I was very happy to spot that he was going to be giving a talk at the NPG as part of their Late Shift series. If you haven’t been to their Late Shift events, I highly recommend you check it out. Lots of free creative events including life drawing workshops and gallery talks. 

Every day since 2009, The Gentle Author has published a post to his blog Spitalfields Life. He plans to write 10,000 stories about Spitalfields over the coming years. Each blog is accompanied by absolutely stunning photography, some his own, some by photographers who contribute. The talk covered just a few highlights.

The stories that touched me the most were those of family businesses, often the last of a particular kind in the area, which had recently closed - you could hear a collective “Ohh” from the audience as he mentioned that a family metalworks business had closed last week, or a woodwork shop was now an estate agents. He commented that it is ordinary people’s lives which are most interesting and how sad it was that they often go undocumented. 

If you are interested in reading more, do subscribe to his blog and there is also a book available which the Evening Standard proclaims as it’s “London Book of the Year”.

Spitalfields Life - The Gentle Author @ NPG

There was so much to capture in the talk, that I probably got 2/3 through the talk and had filled the page. I wish I had started a new page as there was so much to capture. Going to need to get my phone out in future so I can better time myself. Lots of great things to illustrate too which was nice. I struggle with some talks where the concepts are quite abstract. I love the font I used at the top, which was quite random.