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Little Georgia, Hackney - Breakfast

We’d been to Little Georgia before but had never managed to make it further than Broadway Market for breakfast. One morning, we strolled a little further than normal and headed there to eat. 

As per our previous visit, service was a bit rubbish. We wandered in, not knowing whether we could sit down or not, taking a table we weren’t sure was free. The staff barely acknowledged us. After an age, they took our orders for coffee before making us wait even longer to take our breakfast orders. We practically had to stare them both down before they took our orders. Just because it’s before noon isn’t an excuse for bad service. 

Filled Blini - Spinach & Cheese

I opted for a filled blini with spinach and cheese, which looked rather appetising when it arrived with all that lovely salad. Unfortunately, the filling was overwhelming garlicky and the cheese rather clumpy. A softer cheese like a feta which would have binded with the spinach may have been a better choice.  

Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Toast

Brad opted for the scrambled eggs with ham and toast. He did ask for portion of spicy Ajika condiment but they never brought it with his food. Aside from that there were no complaints with his food and he gobbled his breakfast up! 

The bill came to about £20 including coffee which is ok-ish but I’m not sure we’d go back anytime soon. With plenty of breakfast options in Hackney, I’m loathe to spend my money anywhere the service isn’t up to scratch. 

Little Georgia
87 Goldsmith’s Row
London E2 8QR
Phone: +44(0)2077398154 

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