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Loose Box, Mundaring

The Loose Box restaurant has to be one of the most unfortunately named restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. When I mentioned to friends that I was going for a meal at this place, it brought sniggers all around. Oh well, at least it is memorable! As a treat for our parents, we took them both out a couple of days before our wedding to say thank you. Neither mine or Brad’s parents tend to go to fancy restaurants, so it was a chance for us to treat them to a nice meal and share a passion of ours with them. I know my parents certainly couldn’t afford it when we were kids, nor were we ever well behaved to take anywhere fancier than the local Chinese… 

On the day of the meal, things were not going well. I’d just heard that myself and most of the team I worked with were being made redundant on the way in the car and at that stage, it was looking like my sister-in-law to be wasn’t going to have a bridesmaid dress to wear. When we got there, the waitress (who I believe was head of the front-of-house team) fumbled whilst opened a bottle of wine and sprayed it in my eye and all over my dress. At this stage I promptly ran to the bathroom and burst into tears, with the waitress following quite closely behind. She felt terrible, thinking that it was all her doing and when I explained why I was actually upset, she burst into tears. It was quite a surreal moment. Without us even asking, they removed the bottle of wine from the bill. 

Thankfully it turned a corner after that and what followed was an absolutely lovely meal. I’d chosen Loose Box as they offered a vegetarian tasting menu for my Mother-in-Law, something not all restaurants do. It turns out that the chef’s daughter is vegetarian and you can see that a lot of thought has gone into making it as fulfilling as the meat version. Another thing I liked about the Loose Box is that they are relatively flexible about the degustation menu. They were happy to swap out dishes between the meat and vegetarian menus and offer alternatives on a number of courses. 

The chef’s pastry skills came in for high praise from everyone. From the choux pastry swans, exquisite petit fours, to the delicate little meringue birds with a pastry sign that said “Congratulations on your wedding” which I thought was a beautiful personal touch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I thought the prices — roughly $200 per person — were quite reasonable given the quality of the cooking and warm friendly service. Unfortunately my photos didn’t come out at all but you can have a look on Flickr to get the idea.

Loose Box
6825 Great Eastern Hwy
Mundaring 6073 Australia
Phone: +61(0)892951787

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